Since founded 2002, Yoosung KN Co.,Ltd has been a trustworthy company as a channel partner of ABB. We supply leading companies with transformer and SWGR products of ABB Co.,Ltd at home and aboard. Based on know-how and network, managering 6 branches (3 in Korea, 3 in Vietnam), and meeting various customer’s needs. …
Circuit Breakers and Switches
Circuit Breakers and Switches have been crafted to cut down the flow of irregular power in industrial and naval applications. These devices can be used in high scale setups like buildings, data centers and shopping centers. Schneider Electric India offers reliable and durable circuit-breakers to save equipment from surges. It has been trusted by industrial and commercial setups around the globe.
EcoStruxure Innovation at Every Level
EcoStruxure is Schneider Electric's innovative IoT-enabled, plug-and-play, open, interoperable architecture and platform, which can be employed all across Homes, Buildings, Data Centres, Infrastructure and Industries. Experience technology at every level from Connected Products to Edge Control and Apps, Analytics and Services.EcoStruxure BuildingEcoStruxure Plant & MachineEcoStruxure GridEcoStruxure ITEcoStruxure PowerEcoStruxure Platform
UPS - Business continuity made easy
The Schneider Electric Easy UPS 3 Series is an easy-to-install, easy-to-connect, easy-to-use, and easy-to-service 10-100 kVA 3 phase UPS ideal for small and medium businesses, data centers, and other mission critical applications.The Schneider ElectricTM GalaxyTM 7000 UPS provides secured power solutions for medium to large data centers, industry, buildings, and mission critical environments. The Galaxy 7000 is flexible and adaptable through its robust IGBT rectifier/inverter design with all typ…
Schneider Busway - Make the most of your Energy
Being a global specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric provides you the highest energy efficient, safest and most reliable busway system for power distribution.70,000 kilometers busway installed worldwideIEC and UL full type tested for each and every ratingKEMA-KEUR, ASTA Diamond, UL complianceSeismic zone 4 complianceComplete package solutionMade by Schneider ElectricMylar® insulation by DuPont99.9% copper purityBimetal technologySteel/Aluminum housingContinuous earth​
SM6 - Modular Switchboard up to 36 kV
Schneider Electric has developed protection, monitoring andcontrol solutions specifically dedicated to Medium Voltagenetworks for over 40 years.SM6 switchgear has been specifically designed on the basis ofthat extensive experience.It also incorporates some very new solutions, giving the best interms of continuity of service and operators’ safety​SM6 switchgear is fully compatible with• PowerMeter metering units.• Easergy P3 relay and Easergy Sepam multi-function protectionrelays- Protection- Mea…
RM6 up to 24kV - Gas Insulated Ring Main Unit
The RM6 is a compact and very reliable Gas Insulated ring main unit combining all MV functionalUnits to enable the connection, supply and protection of transformers or feeders on an open ring or radial network. Together with Easergy T300 RTUs, it is smarter and meets the needs of utilities, infrastructure, buildings & industries.It also incorporates somevery new solutions, giving the best in terms of continuity of service and operators’ safety.​With RM6, we are committed to operator safety.-…
Trihal transformers
Trihal transformers deliver high performance and efficiency even in harsh conditions, providing a high level of safety and reliability.Over 35 years of proven experience combined with the latest IoT connectivity ensures your business stays efficient and connected.Trihal transformers are a perfect fit for indoor environments in demanding applications like hospitals, data centers, and airports.​Unrivalled performance- C4 and E4 certificates: rigorous testing confirms optimal performance, even in h…
UPS have adecisive role for IT Trust and data usefulness. So Most important thing is reliability of UPS itself. ABB’s UPS is guarantee of usefulness and trust because of DPATM (Decentralised parallel architecture). And all of parts are placement at the each of modules If one of UPS module is broken, you can use all ofUPS system without trouble. All of broken parts are perfectly separate from system so you can fix the system without power cut.
Cast Resin Transformers
With more than 100,000 dry transformers working around the world, produced in specialised focus factories summing the largest production capacity than any of our competitors, ABB is the technology leader providing the broadest experience and application range of ABB Vacuum Cast Coil dry transformers. Closer to the user dry transformers are the onlyone that can be installed close to the utilisation point which allows to optimise installation design reducing to the minimum the low voltage circuits…
AVC(Active Voltage conditioner)of ABB is system based on inverter. And it can protect industry facilities from power failure problem by AVC. It can compensate for instantaneousvoltage drop and voltage swell very fast and precise. And also compensate for voltage by continuing adjustment. So AVC perfectly made in order that compensate for voltage when instantaneous voltage drop. It can be made continuous operation.